Relationships are important to us, and we see our business as means to creating new friendships, deepening connections, and developing a greater sense of community.

Through social media, we aim to educate and inspire people through action, storytelling, and community involvement.

The experience is everything. In the digital economy, products and services are a dime a dozen.

Businesses must zero in on customers to deliver an experience that’s irreplaceable, tailored and personal to be competitive in today’s on-demand market.

In the digital age, businesses must zero in on their customers to deliver an experience that’s irreplaceable, personal and tailored.


Our mission is to earn the trust of our client businesses. When you work with us, you gain a dedicated partner who’s invested in you, and your business’s success.

To center the conversation on products and services you offer, we’ll help you develop robust social media platforms, whereby customers can interact and engage with your business online.

When users see content they like, they’ll naturally want to share it with their network of family and friends, frequently endorsing your business with a word-of-mouth recommendation.

Looking for ways to engage with customers?

Grow your reach, and gain new opportunities today.

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Make your presence known, and gain new opportunities.

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The Ecosystem
  • On behalf of your business, we’ll create and develop your social media platforms.

    These brand pages will be used to promote your business, engage with fans, and educate customers on products and services you offer.

    We’ll publish content about your business five days per week to draw in new customers everyday.

The Department
  • Think of us as your social media department; we’ll promote your business online while you attend to your business as usual.

    As a partner, we’ll work with you each month to come up with new ways to promote your business, as well as to produce engaging content for your community.

The Expertise
  • At Metaroots, we pride ourselves on being at the cutting-edge of social media technology, and we spend the vast majority of our time developing and optimizing meaningful content for users everyday.

    We love what we do, and we’re actively learning and relearning social media as it evolves with new business trends.


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